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Good Morning Everyone


I value your business relationship with us and in order to ensure that we can provide better service levels. … would request you to kindly keep following points into consideration before placing orders

1. Please keep screenshots of prices which we broadcast as we need to delete data on regular basis to keep whatsapp working. It’s too time consuming to go thru old data screenshot to find pricing for an item. If you guys have the pics to order, I am sure you must have sent prices to ur customers as well😊

2. No dispatch will be done from now on unless amount gets credited to the account. Screenshots of payments receipts would no longer be valid.
No Weekly or Monthly accounts anymore, dispatch only on payment

3. We try to provide tracking details as soon as we get them. But most of our products are sourced directly from manufacturers who don’t provide indivisual tracking details unless it’s delayed in delivery.
We are discontinuing dealing with such vendors and trying to improve tracking issues, please keep patience

4. The promised service level for delivery is maximum 5 to 7 working days. In case, there is a delay, please do follow up with us DURING NORMAL WORKING HOURS. Please do keep a follow up wd us until ur issue gets resolved, because sometimes even we loose track of the issue.

5. Bookings shall not be valid if payments are not made within 24 hours. Next time, booking will only be done on payment.

6. Any manufacturing defect shall be brought t our notice within 24 hours of receipt of product, send clear images and explanation of the defect. We can only promise replacement in case of genuine defects once approved by manufacturer.

7. We clearly mention original / replica…. there may be a slight color difference or design difference. Please place ur orders after confirming details to ur satisfaction.

8. In dressmaterial, there might be a slight color difference due to camera lighting.


Please feel free to ping me for any doubts / clarifications.




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